Allyson Harris

I have been practicing esthetics and massage for 12 years now!  I earned my education and licenses at TN School of Beauty and TN School of Theraputic Massage.  I have since worked in spas in the Knoxville area, learning more about my practice and continuing my education.  For the most part, I have learned that people want to be happy.  They want to feel loved, appreciated and beautiful.  During a treatment, whether it be a massage or facial, you can truly let yourself "go."  I believe that it's not only good for your body, but your SOUL.  Helping one feel better about how they FEEL, inside and out, is a wonderful thing.  That's why I'm here.  That's why I do what I do.

On a personal note,

I was "Texan born" and "Alaska raised."  My father was an officer in the Air Force, so we grew up in an on-going-adventure!  I am the oldest of 7 children who still are my best friends.  Growing up in Alaska was an amazing experience, because you not only learned to live in "survival mode," but you learned to appreciate people.  People for WHO they ARE.  Not just what you could get from them.  This lesson was also taught from teachings from great parents, to "look out for each other without asking anything in return."

 The average Alaskan is a bit tougher, just as Texans are!  Lol.......NOT to say that I'm super-TOUGH, but have learned to appreciate what I have been taught, and how I was raised.

I LOVE the mountains and the outdoors!  My husband and I wake up each day grateful for the views of the Smokies.  We hike and take along the cameras when we can.  My hobbies include: swimming, boating, picnics, time with friends, photo shoots with my husband, classical piano, baking and cooking.  I'm generally allergic to shopping, but do, on occasion, enjoy "antiquing."  My favorite time is spent with my best friend and husband, who I am truly blessed to spend my life with.

Meet the girls from The Retreat

Meet the girls from The Retreat